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Atkinson Candy

Atkinson Candy

Renowned manufacturer and distributor of fine confections headquartered in Lufkin Texas.

Business Overview

Atkinson Candy Company has a family tradition of making candy since 1932. Located in Lufkin, Texas, the company is known worldwide for its fine quality candy, including some of the best peanut butter and peppermint candies available.

B.E. and Mabel Atkinson began selling candies in the 1930's after Mr. Atkinson was laid off from his job at an area foundry. A few years later he decided to start manufacturing his own treats from local homemade recipes.

Today the third and fourth generations of Atkinsons are proud to carry on the family tradition while the roster of sweet confections continues to grow.

Atkinson operations manufacturing and distribution from it's 100,000+ sq ft facility and serves a wide range of distributors and direct customers around the world.

Business Objectives

Substantially improve outbound order accuracy.

Improve inventory management, location and accuracy

Increase labor productivity in receipt, stocking and order picking operations


Warehouse Director WMS


Increase in outbound order accuracy of 250%

Provided 100% inventory and location visibility reducing cycle count and physical inventory processes by 200%

Increase in daily order pick rates by 74% reducing shift time and labor costs

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