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Load/Pallet Optimization

The Sophisticated Design yet Simple Execution sets Load Director Apart from any other Solution

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Optimization Director

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Case pick distribution operations that require palletized shipments to customers made up of diverse product types, dimensions and characteristics often encounter inefficiencies with properly picking and structuring optimized pallet configurations for each order. In addition, significant expertise and training is required for operators to become effective and efficient to perform this task.

Far advanced from traditional load builder solutions, AGI Load Director provides a single command center interface for outbound operations management. Load Director automates the process of properly constructing loads of varying types and pre-designed pallets aligning perfectly with the pick schema in your facility.

AGI's Load Director software processes multiple SKU order details and constructs highly-productivity, high-cube, damage-free pallets that result in pallet specific Voice, RF or Ticket directed picking tasks. The benefits include a 20-30% improvement in case-pick productivity, the virtual elimination of transit damage and much faster picker training.

Load Director takes the combined experience of a dozen expert warehouse workers and converts this valuable knowledge into a fast, sophisticated software package.

Additional Load Director benefits include:

  • Eliminating pre picking pallet design
  • Reducing pick travel path
  • Increasing pick rates (cases per hour)
  • Reducing training time and costs
  • Increasing efficiency in loading vehicles
  • Eliminating high lifts and lane congestion- often a cause of worker injuries
  • Real time status from the console and dynamic integration support updates and cancels to orders/stops, identification of pick complete and management of shipment.

AGI's Load Director automatically divides complex "rainbow" orders into appropriately divided and stable pallet configurations while maintaining the most efficient travel path through your warehouse or fast picking area.

Load Director supports a wide range of delivery strategies including:

  • Pick to Stop
  • Multiple Stops per Pallet ordered
  • Side Load Summary
  • Bulk Load Summary
  • Combinations of all types in one load

Operators can utilize printed pick tickets, bar coded labels or direct execution via AGI Voice Director Picking software.

Contact an AGI representative to learn more about how our industry-leading Load and Pallet optimization solution can optimize your warehouse operations.