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Logistics Service Providers

Warehouse and Distribution Software Built for the Way Logistics Services Providers Work

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Multi Building, Multi Owner Warehouse Management with integrated billing.

Customers turn to logistics services providers (LSPs)/third party logistics (3PLs) companies because they expect that you will be able to run their warehousing operations more efficiently and cheaply than they can run it themselves. Tall order!

You need to incorporate new service offerings and respond to new market requirements quickly and easily, while keeping IT costs low.

AGI has empowered many Logistics Service/3PL providers through its configurable, fully integrated Warehouse Director Solution.

This flexible solution enables you to:

  • Onboard new customers more quickly
  • Bill more easily and accurately
  • Track inventory attributes by customer
  • Provide value-added services

You'll also be able to quickly incorporate individual client requirements with ease while managing multiple client ownership/billing strategies, transportation spend and value-added services. The flexible AGI WMS enables you to easily add new clients, get them up and running quickly and personalize your own WMS workflows without disturbing underlying custom code.

Key Functionality for Logistics Service Providers/3PLs

  • Real-time visibility to key business metrics
  • Multi owner product management and inventory control
  • Activity-based billing management according to each client's distinct attributes
  • Flexible tools to easily create complex contractual rules
  • Integrated transportation management
  • VAS management
  • Multi-site and multi-division cost accounting support
  • Support for pallet/case distribution
  • Ease of administration, low-cost deployment
  • Support for high-volume, piece-pick environments
  • Co-mingling of license plates, items, etc. for space utilization and efficiency
  • Rapid response to changing requests
  • Full, integrated suite of supply chain execution solutions