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Schenck Company

Schenck Company

Schenck Company is currently within the top 20 beer distributors in the country and has been operating since 1954. Schenck represents more than 70 different suppliers, more than 190 brands and provides services to over 5,000 retail outlets. Its portfolio includes multiple product lines from core beer offerings such as Miller, Coors, Heineken and Corona, among others, to some of the best craft beers, non alcoholic beverages and snack foods.

Schenck operates in 6 counties in Central Florida: Orange, Lake, Polk, Osceola, Seminole, and Brevard. Schenck maintains a distribution facility of approximately 300,000 sq ft in Orlando Florida.

Schenck is now Florida Distributing.

Business Objectives

Significantly improve inventory visibility, location and reconciliation processes.

Improve pick area replenishment accuracy and time.

Improve inbound receiving and stock management and route returns processes.


Warehouse Director WMS


Significant reduction in inventory management through enabling 100% inventory, date code and location visibility

Reduction in product loss of 65% in the first month of deployment

Increase in product receipt and storage timelines by 150%.

Increase in pick area replenishment timeline and accuracy by 116%

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